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    Lack of maintenance of electrical systems "very serious consequences."
    Time:2011/11/30 15:21:37  Source:DONGGUAN CHENG YI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  View Rate:

         Speaking of car maintenance, many owners are very concerned about the regular car wash, for the three filter, clean oil ... These are very common, but car owners of the circuit is often easily overlooked. In summer, the car ignition accidents suddenly increased. Many owners do not understand what causes. In fact the final analysis, there may be problems caused by aging circuit.

    Automobile ignition circuit is the main cause of fire

        Car circuit common faults are: open circuit, short circuit, damage to other electrical equipment. In spontaneous incidents which, auto electrical fire events account for a large proportion of spontaneous combustion. Which the aging and auto electrical circuit overloading are the reasons. First, because the engine when the temperature of the ignition coil high voltage ignition wire tends to soften the insulation layer, aging, dehiscence, ignition high voltage insulation breakdown and easy to produce high-voltage leakage, short circuit, leading to spontaneous combustion; first Second, more and more modern cars with electronic control technology, making the car more intelligent automotive applications corresponding substantial increase in power consumption. Vehicle load space is limited on the electrical systems, automotive microcomputer, electronic components, sensors are likely to cause damage to electrical systems, as large numbers of additional vehicles to increase the variety of electronic devices, may also increase the burden on car circuit, causing spontaneous combustion fire.

        In addition, automotive electronics systems will lead to loss of old cars more fuel, throttle flow, ignition efficiency is not high, poor shifting, power is inadequate. These indeed affect the whole body of small problems related to the vehicle power supply, it will become too easy to not solve the problem.

        Rainy wet corrosion circuit

        Some owners will encounter in the rain or the inability of the engine difficult to start the case, the biggest reason this problem is due to moisture from the ignition system leakage. If the above, certain other vehicles, completely turn off the cooling time, with a dry cloth inside and outside the sub-plate and electrical wires and other dry, then go to repair shop to check. If the leakage is due to aging, must be promptly replaced.

        Auto electrical systems maintenance is one of the core vehicle maintenance, especially for vehicles with more than three years, annual maintenance plant to conduct a thorough auto electrical systems maintenance is critical. Master Tip, if you find a sudden increase in car fuel consumption, is not normal, then you should go check the car 4S shop oil and circuit, usually if the car's oil and the circuit fails, the engine will be at work by large amount of fuel injection, fuel consumption also increases naturally.

        In addition, electrical installation, modification is caused by short circuit causing a major cause of car spontaneous combustion.

        4S shops and general repair shop has a dedicated circuit engine oil and other maintenance packages, fees and charges from the first few hundred thousand dollars, the owner of the recommendation in the master periodically.

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