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    Stimulated when the season of your home appliances over gas it?
    Time:2011/11/24 17:16:47  Source:DONGGUAN CHENG YI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  View Rate:

         Each year, we will eliminate part of the season been out of fashion clothes, bags or shoes. Has a sensitive sense of smell for the fashion trend do you notice that your home is also the need for regular replacement of it?

        Appears in many of my friends, home, particularly home appliances, there is no need to use if you can replace, in fact, this idea wrong. If more than home appliances also extended service life, not only affects performance, resulting in energy waste also hidden security risks.

    Washing machine: life 8 years, leaks must be replaced

        Life: generally 8 years, the use of high frequency of 1-2 years will be relatively shorter, with less maintenance and attention, then can be extended 1-2 years. If the following symptoms, then you can retire a washing machine: plastic lighter color, the noise is too large, not turn, washing dirty clothes, often a small water seepage problems, will be serious leakage.

        Health risks: There are news reports that the washing machine in the "extended" state, it may be a vicious fire explosion incident. This addition to the life outside, and washing machines may be placed, place the environment, washing, washing frequency, power connector and so on. Especially with a long time without attention to cleanliness, residual body of water in a closed, moist environment can easily be contaminated, so the more the more washing dirty clothes. In addition, the use of time is too long, so that electrical aging, increased bearing wear, which led to increase the gap between some parts may also clip bad clothes.

        "By life" know-how: washing out of pocket before the coin, debris, wear the button or zipper pull, and turn the clothes; a laundry washing machine shall not exceed the specified amount of water off the assembly line mark shall not be less than , so as not to overload the motor is accelerated due to aging; each washing clothes washing machines with water barrels, water droplets with a dry cloth and water, throughout the operation panel knobs, buttons back into place, drain switch indicates closed position, and then placed in a dry ventilated place; the power cord at least once a month.

    TV: 10 years of life, fear and heat wave

        Life: 10-12 years, black and white TV, color TV 8-10 years. TV's aging symptoms: discolor, dim the screen, not the original bright colors, color cast (for example, the overall look blue).

        Health risks: the longer the more secure with the TV, it was reported, the elderly and the TV can not be maintained spontaneous combustion or explosion prone to accidents. This is because the aging of the TV by the shock, sudden cold, sudden fever, excessive dirt and dust inside or short circuit, resulting in overheating, causing the explosion tube. The age service TV because the aging electrical components, the image is not clear, judder, etc., will be virtually damage a person's vision, while increasing the radiation can also damage the health.

        "By life" know-how: watch TV time should not be too long, do not frequently switch the TV, long look at it is best to reduce the display brightness, so as not to cause internal burns or aging; not the best time to watch TV turn off the monitor, in Arm top cover a thin gray. Doing so may damage the body in the acceleration of electronic components and shorten its life. In addition, the less the pause button, to avoid overheating of some parts, and cause internal burns. Fear wave of TV, so do not close to the humidifier. TV location must be placed in ventilated, not too small on the TV cabinet to avoid damage to electronic components overheating damage, fire or smoke.

    Refrigerator: 15 years of life, the more you use the more expensive electricity

        Life: typically 12-15 years. As "electric tiger", with the first decade of the refrigerator is used twice. So, if there is too noisy refrigerator, large power consumption, poor cooling, leaks, shaking, etc. when running, it is necessary a replacement.

         Health risks: too old refrigerator, the body of many parts of the dust accumulated more and more, if the cleanup does not clean, easy to cause a short circuit, preservation and sterilization functions are degraded, leading to food odor, not fresh; the same time, the refrigerant will leak environmental pollution and health hazards.

         "By life" know-how: regularly check the dust on the compressor and condenser, dirty cleaning is necessary, so as not to affect the heat lead to shortened life, refrigerator cooling effect diminished (flat back design with full refrigerator without regard to this issue). Periodically clean the refrigerator inside the health, at least three or four times a year. In addition, the refrigerator for a long time when not in use, should unplug the power cord, wipe clean the box, to be fully dry box, and then shut the door.

    Water heaters: life 8 years old and do not pull the plug

         Life: mostly in 6-8 years. Beyond the life of the heater body color lighter or dark, in the process of running the sound will be abnormal, there will be some "rumbling" noise. In addition, the plastic hose connection body will harden, darken, crack, switch failures often occur, resulting in tempering, flame, safety devices, such as the failure.

         Health risks: the potential fatal consequences of an aging water heater, because the aging function to connect the circuit components decreased, resulting in poor electrical connections or leakage from happening. In addition, the long-term use of the process, the water contains trace impurities and minerals will precipitate in the water heater, the impact of water quality and life.

         "By life" know-how: Install the water heater in the bathroom have to buy water features, regular cleaning tank. Experts to carry out at least once a year periodic inspection, removal and testing of potential pitfalls. Long-term when not in use, turn off the power, emptying the tank of water. Connecting water heaters do not always pull the plug to unplug, will reduce the water heater's life, but also serious fire, the best in waterproof power plug and socket with a switch. Long interval of the two best starting point, if you really need to frequently with hot water, could simply have been driving power.

    Air conditioning: life of 10 years, too old wounds throat

         Life: the usual boot time is shorter, then the safe use of life is 10 years. If the air cooling or heating occurs slowly, the noise is too large, remote not working, etc., or a boot on the direct injection of dust, mixed with a burst of wind blowing musty, some even out of Blackwater, is a reminder of the owner: I want to retire.

         Health risks: old air-conditioning can not quickly reach a predetermined temperature, sleep is shorter, so a lot of power. In addition, "age" of air conditioning evaporator fins will be severely oxidized, even if the cleaned, will accumulate a lot of dirt, which may lead to a variety of throat discomfort.

    "By life" know-how: frequent use of air conditioning should not switch, or may result starting current is too large, burning fuse, or even burn the compressor motor. Usually should pay attention to maintaining the indoor unit and outdoor unit heat exchanger filter (fin-shaped heat sink) and clean on the cover a variety of gutter on the front panel, easy to gather dust, you can periodically clean with a soft cloth, but you can not use gasoline and acid chemicals to scrub the entire air conditioning unit thoroughly cleaned 2-3 times per year. Next to air conditioners must not have high-temperature heat source, air-conditioner panel to avoid thermal deformation.

    Age of small home appliances service

         Rice cooker: life in general 6-8 years, during use should pay special attention not to always pull the power plug to unplug, and it is easy to increase the resistance will lead to the plug interface heat, causing fire to happen.

         Hair dryer: life is generally about four years, as inside a protective device, if life is too long to protect the device more than a certain number of times, it may cause burns or fire.

         Vacuum cleaner: life is generally 7-8 years, vacuum cleaner dust bag should note that frequently changes, or can easily be contaminated, affecting their health.

         Humidifier: life on film with the core components of the oscillation, the oscillation of high-quality films can use 4000-6000 hours, the ordinary life of 3000 hours the following, inferior only a few hundred hours. Humidifier is best not to adjust the humidity too much, clean water after use in a timely manner, several days are not connected with the same water, bad for your health, the use of the water after the gas should be dry in time, or can easily be contaminated .

         Electric blanket: the safe use of life for six years. More than six years, the hair line to protect the insulation layer of aging, cracking, leakage accident prone.

         Drinking: the safe use of life in 8 years, 3 years to replace the filter once every 1-2 months disinfected drinking fountains and clean again. If a long drink, be sure to thoroughly clean it. In the case of non-drinking water, preferably unplug, turn off the boil switch to reduce wear and tear.

         Other appliance life: iron, 9 years; blanket, 8 years; personal computers, six years; fans, 10 years; microwave oven, for 10 years; electric shavers, 4 years.

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