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    "Mashup" charger voltage exceeds the specified number of
    Time:2011/11/24 17:08:42  Source:DONGGUAN CHENG YI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  View Rate:

    Why mobile phone battery explosion? Ms. Chen is suspected stall battery problems, may also be injured by a problem with the charger. "Clearly marked above the battery, the charger voltage is not greater than 4.2 volts, but Mr. Jiang modified using the charger, the voltage is 5.4 volts, of course, no matter what we will certainly do our best ability to compensate the injured."

     For the charger problem, Jiangzhao An said he did modified battery charger, with a higher voltage than the battery charger the subject, because his Motorola cell phone chargers have been faulty, so they made a collection of Nokia charger cable together with the Motorola phone charger.

      Mr. Lu Jianhai technology company in Shenzhen Li Chi's chief engineer, is responsible for monitoring production quality cell phone batteries. According to him, and now mobile phones are normally used for lithium batteries. Lithium ion has two characteristics, namely, no heat, and second, the water must be isolated. Lithium-ion water or at high temperatures are prone to explosion. Also, if the battery separator film of poor quality, but also prone to explosion. "There are some manufacturers to seek cheaper, with some of the unqualified raw materials; or isolation with a poor quality film. These are not out of the battery in appearance, but very prone to danger."

     When reporters Motorola (China) handset division's public relations manager Miss Luo Ping time, She said that the original cell phone battery safety is high. The company's batteries manufactured using a quality batteries, battery temperature, humidity and other harsh environment quality problems will not occur, even in the current, voltage instability in the case, the protection circuit can still work. In addition, the "best supporting consumers to use the original charger, because the process original charger can ensure monitoring, adjustment, and automatically stop charging, the charger on the market poor quality no such function."

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